TARP Recipient To Open Luxury Hotel

As Bank of America prepares to start repaying TARP dollars, it’s also gearing up to open a new hotel across the street from its corporate headquarters. And it’s not a Holiday Inn. Five months from now, the nation’s largest bank is scheduled to open a new, eco-friendly Ritz-Carlton in a sleek 18-story building. It willContinue reading “TARP Recipient To Open Luxury Hotel”

New Convention Center Hotels Planned For SLC And Tucson

Salt Lake City is one of two Western U.S. cities with plans for new convention center anchor hotels in the near future –the other is Tucson, Ariz.Both destinations would like to increase not only the amount of meeting business they have, but also the size of that meeting business. Salt Lake County right now isContinue reading “New Convention Center Hotels Planned For SLC And Tucson”

Maximizing Your Time In The 16-Hour Window Of Opportunity

Does this day sound somewhat familiar to you? I awoke this morning at 5:30 AM, helped get the kids off to school, then headed to the office to participate in a series of meetings that consumed most of my day.  Its now almost 12-hours later and I’m catching up on voice mails, emails, and gathering paperwork to take homeContinue reading “Maximizing Your Time In The 16-Hour Window Of Opportunity”