Social Media As A Sales Tool

Many companies are starting to experiment with social media and how it can be integrated into their overall marketing strategy to support company goals and objectives. In addition to creating and promoting a corporate presence on various social media Web sites, it also makes sense for sales professionals to become familiar with social media, andContinue reading “Social Media As A Sales Tool”

Motivating Employees

Could a simple five-minute interaction with another person dramatically increase ones productivity? In some employment environments, the answer is yes, according to Wharton management professor Adam Grant. Grant has devoted significant chunks of his professional career to examining what motivates workers in settings that range from call centers and mail-order pharmacies to swimming pool lifeguardContinue reading “Motivating Employees”

Five Key Elements Of A Personal Plan

I’ve had the privilege to speak with and mentor a number of very talented individuals who are currently in the throes of making a career change.  Changing careers is exciting and fulfilling, no matter what the economic times, and its a small price to pay to find a rewarding career, reinvent yourself or open that business you’veContinue reading “Five Key Elements Of A Personal Plan”