10 Sales Tips, Strategies And Other Nuggets For Sales Professionals


It’s Friday so I thought it would be a good idea to gather some of the articles that I have read this week and shared them with you.  I hope you enjoy them and that you will take some of the author’s wisdom and successfully apply it next week.  Enjoy!

The One Skill You Need In Appointment Setting – Sales skills – this is the one skill that you will need in order to be more effective in appointment setting. This does not necessarily mean the skill to make your prospect buy anything from you, but more along the lines of them needing something from you. If you have good sales skills, it becomes easier for you to deal generate B2B leads. And this is not something that only your sales and marketing team should have.
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How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated to Succeed – If you work in sales long enough, you’ll eventually have a bad day where you just want to throw in the towel. Over the last few years, I’ve seen many good days and a few bad. One thing I’ve noticed is that depending on the organization; the number of bad days is often directly related to your manager. Read more

Twelve Common Words That Are Costing You Sales – The right words can help us make the sale, while the wrong words can blow it for us. The challenge is, often what we think are the right words are actually the wrong words. Read more

Attack Your Sales Pitch with Tips from The Shark Tank – Developing a sales pitch is both complex and time consuming. What may work for some buyers might not be right for others. Time is money and whether you’re selling a product, service, or a full solution, you need to captivate your audience immediately. Read more

The Social Era Demands Social Selling is a new ebook outlining how sales organizations can leverage social networks to grow business. Shifting the conversation from social marketing to social selling, the ebook explains how salespeople can attract prospects, retain customers, and grow business in the social era. Download the FREE e-here

The Shadow Problems Behind the Problem in Sales – The obvious problem in sales is the first one that comes out during that initial first contact or within the more formal fact finding meeting. And much of the marketing is geared to those plentiful small business problems.Sales Training Coaching Tip:  99.1% of all businesses worldwide have under 100 employees so most firms are small businesses. Read more

The Five Golden Rules of Customer Experience – “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” It’s a rule most of us learned early in life, probably from a parent or teacher trying to resolve a playground squabble. Few would disagree that this maxim is a basic tenant for human decency, no matter how old you are or what conflict you’re facing.
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Why Selling is About Service NOT Sales – If you think success in sales comes down to the product or ideas you offer, you’re wrong. Read more

If You’re Talking, You’re Not Selling – Good sales people talk less. Poorly performing sales people talk more. But the level at which this occurred was very striking. The poor performers used about 7 words for every word the customer spoke. For good performers it was almost the reverse–they only used about one word for every 7 words spoken by the customer! Read more

Networking – How Well Do You Know Them? – It is often said that it is not who you know that matters, it is who knows you. Well I would like to extend this statement by saying that it is not only who you know and who knows you, but how well do you know them and they you? Read more

Tom Costello is the CEO and Managing Director of iGroupAdvisors, a performance improvement firm, that helps hotels and their sales managers grow their business and generate more revenue.

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