About Groups International

Groups International is the parent company to three diversified companies that provide services to the managed and unmanaged group travel markets.

igman5iGroupManagement is a full-service Group Travel Management Company that delivers a full spectrum of group travel services and technology solutions to companies and organizations that plan or facilitate meetings, conferences, incentive travel programs, sports, team, school and other managed group events.  Our scalable infrastructure allows us to facilitate your entire group travel needs or provide only those services and solutions that you deem necessary.

ighotel4iGroupHotels is an online group travel resource providing services to those who plan unmanaged social and leisure group travel programs that consist of a minimum of 10 guest rooms or more such as military, family and class reunions, friends getaways, weddings, social events and student and youth travel.  iGroupHotels will even provide your group with its own unique web page that will allow members of your group to communicate with each other and to manage their personal travel details such as hotel reservations and method of payment, just to name a few.

igmeet4iGroupMeetings is an online resource for those who plan meetings, conferences and other related group movements that consist of a minimum of 10 guest rooms.  iGroupMeetings was specifically designed for those who are tasked with planning smaller managed meetings and events but do not necessarily have the time, resources or expertise to dedicate to the entire planning process.

We’re available right now to talk to you about your next meeting or event!  Just click to call!


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