The Concierge Gave Me The Finger And I Loved It

What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a giant imbedded computer screen across which the concierge and I could peer. During these times of so many technology innovations, some of which can be confusing, detached and frustrating in hospitality environments, I was astounded by a whole new look and feel at the InterContinental MiamiContinue reading “The Concierge Gave Me The Finger And I Loved It”

Guest Satisfaction Begins With A Happy Staff

GUEST SATISFACTION BEGINS WITH A HAPPY STAFF Your gorgeous hotel can have an impressive marketing strategy, including the perfect website and heavy media presence, but if you have an unhappy cranky staff, you will lose the repeat business all hotels seek.   A good general manager knows guest satisfaction and staff contentment work together toContinue reading “Guest Satisfaction Begins With A Happy Staff”

Stand Up And Stand Out – Five Ideas To Heighten Your Hotel’s Guest Experience

Mandy Green, the Social Media Director and hospitality industry blogger at Monscierge followed up with me recently about an article that she posted, ‘The Guest Experience Five Easy Ideas’. The content of her post was inspired by a piece that appeared in Hotel Management about how Bill Spencer, GM at Hilton Memphis, selects guests on a purely random basisContinue reading “Stand Up And Stand Out – Five Ideas To Heighten Your Hotel’s Guest Experience”